Next TGSA Board Meeting:


Friday, February 24th, 2017 @ 10:00am
Wallis Hall 102, Traill College, Trent University


An important reminder to all graduate students to vote for your representative who will fill the student seat on the Board of Governors. Click the image above for more information about the Board of Governors.

Click the image above for the February 2017 TGSA Newsletter.

Click the above poster to RSVP to the TGSA’s Pool Night Facebook event.

On behalf of the Symons Seminar Series:

Join us on Wednesday, March 1st in Bagnani Hall at Traill College to hear Ariel Lenske (M.Sc. Candidate, Environmental & Life Sciences) and Mackenzie Armstrong (M.A. Candidate, Anthropology) present their research.

All are welcome! Refreshments will be served. Click the poster above to RSVP to the event.

The Thomas H.B. Symons Seminar Series is intended as a forum for graduate students at Trent University to share their research at a level understandable by the entire academic community and the public. Six evening events are held annually at Catharine Parr Traill College from November to April. Each month, two student speakers (one from the arts and humanities, and one from the sciences) give twenty-minute presentations on their research. Questions and discussion follow each speaker, as well as an intermission for refreshments and socializing.

This a wonderful experience for students to build their presentation skills and practice tailoring a talk to a general audience. Best of all, the monthly seminars are fun and relaxed events with enthusiastic audiences.

We hope to see you at the Series!

Graduate Convocation Update

On behalf of your VP Senate:

To all Graduate Students,

This is a special update regarding the Graduate Convocation for 2017.

As you are aware, there was a plan to split the graduate students up so that they would graduate with an undergraduate department rather than as a group. This year the plan was to have Psychology MA/MSc students graduate with the undergraduate students as a trial.

However, we are happy to announce that say that the President/Vice-President Executive Committee (PVP) has changed their view in part due to the overwhelming response received from graduate students both within and outside the Psychology Department, along with the faculty. Graduate students will all graduate in a single ceremony this year, including Psychology.

PVP was receptive to the feedback that they received and hopefully this will put further attempts to amalgamate graduate students into undergraduate convocations on hold for at least a few years. Graduate Studies Convocation Ceremony will be Friday June 9th at 10am.

Mackenzie Armstrong
VP Senate, Trent Graduate Students’ Association


The Trent Graduate Students’ Association is looking for members to fill the following roles on the TGSA Board:

M.A. English (Public Texts)
M.Ed. Educational Studies
M.Sc. Materials Science
Ph.D. Materials Science

Please click here for a full list of available TGSA committee representative positions.