The Trent Graduate Students’ Association (TGSA) acts on behalf of all graduate students enrolled at Trent University. Our main goal is to represent your interests, advocate for your needs, and to promote equity and social justice.

We do this by maintaining communication with Trent University administration, faculty, staff, and undergraduate students, as well as organizations outside of the Trent community. We also seek to provide intellectual, cultural, social, and political activities for graduate students, provide financial support, and administer a health benefits plan for all graduate students.

There are a number of ways to become involved with the TGSA. Students can run for year-long elected positions or serve on the Board as a program representative. Please contact our VP Senate for more information.

Browse through our website for more information on TGSA activities, events, services, and financial support, and click the links below for our lists of executive officers and board members, as well as an orientation document to brief you on all things TGSA, and our current By-laws and meeting minutes.