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To all Graduate Students,

Nominations for positions on the Trent Graduate Students’ Association (TGSA) executive and board are now OPEN for the upcoming 2017/2018 Academic year. See below for all available positions.

Running for an executive or board position is an excellent opportunity to get involved in the administration of a student body and have an insight into the inner workings of the university in general. Filling one of these positions also offers students valuable networking experience, and looks great on a CV. The Trent Graduate Students’ Association (TGSA) acts on behalf of all graduate students enrolled at Trent University by representing graduate student interests, advocating for specific graduate student needs, and promoting equity and social justice.

You may either nominate yourself or a colleague whom you think is capable of performing the specified role by sending their NAME, a 150-word biographic statement, and their program name to Alison Fraser, VP Internal Affairs, at

**Please note that program representative positions are selected and voted on in elections organized by each respective program. Contact your program/department directly if you are interested in becoming a program representative on the TGSA Board of Directors, or contact Alison Fraser for more information.**

The nomination period will be open until after 11:59PM on April 6th, 2017.

Candidates are asked to attend the TGSA Spring General Meeting on April 13th, 2017 in Bagnani Hall at 6pm to offer a brief statement about who they are and why they are running (or to forward a statement to Alison Fraser to read on their behalf).

The following positions will be open:


  1. President
  2. Vice President (Internal Affairs)
  3. Vice President (Communications)
  4. Vice President (Finance)
  5. Vice President (Student Affairs)
  6. Vice President (Senate)


  1. Equity Commissioner
  2. Environmental Commissioner
  3. International Student Representative Commissioner
  4. Health Benefits Coordinator
  5. Ontario Graduate Students’ Alliance (OGSA) Commissioner
  6. Representatives for the following graduate programs:
  • Anthropology (M.A.)
  • Applied Modeling and Quantitative Methods (M.A.)
  • Applied Modeling and Quantitative Methods (M.Sc.)
  • Canadian and Indigenous Studies (M.A)
  • Canadian Studies (Ph.D.)
  • Cultural Studies (Ph.D.)
  • Educational Studies (M.Ed.)
  • English (Public Texts) (M.A.)
  • Environmental & Life Sciences (M.Sc.)
  • Environmental & Life Sciences (Ph.D.)
  • History (M.A.)
  • Indigenous Studies (Ph.D.)
  • Material Sciences (M.Sc.)
  • Material Sciences (Ph.D.)
  • Psychology (M.Sc.)
  • Sustainability Studies (M.A.)
  • Theory, Culture and Politics (M.A.)

Details of the requirements and duties for executive positions can be found here, and board positions can be found here. If you have any questions about the open positions, feel free to email the person currently fulfilling that role and they will be happy to answer any questions—their emails are listed on the website.

Your TGSA 2016-2017 Team

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To all Graduate Students,

On behalf of the Trent Graduate Students’ Association, here is the newsletter for March 2017 outlining events at Trent University and the surrounding area that are of potential interest to Graduate students. Click the image above to access it.

Here’s what to look forward to this month:
-Jamaican Self-Help’s Annual Ganley Lecture on March 9th
-Trent Northern Studies Colloquium Call for Abstracts due March 10th
-Equity Information Session on March 15th
-TGSA International Potluck on March 17th
-Future Events in March and Beyond

If there are events that you wish to have featured in upcoming newsletters, please don’t hesitate to contact me, David Hollands, VP Communications of the TGSA, at

Graduate Convocation Update

On behalf of your VP Senate:

To all Graduate Students,

This is a special update regarding the Graduate Convocation for 2017.

As you are aware, there was a plan to split the graduate students up so that they would graduate with an undergraduate department rather than as a group. This year the plan was to have Psychology MA/MSc students graduate with the undergraduate students as a trial.

However, we are happy to announce that say that the President/Vice-President Executive Committee (PVP) has changed their view in part due to the overwhelming response received from graduate students both within and outside the Psychology Department, along with the faculty. Graduate students will all graduate in a single ceremony this year, including Psychology.

PVP was receptive to the feedback that they received and hopefully this will put further attempts to amalgamate graduate students into undergraduate convocations on hold for at least a few years. Graduate Studies Convocation Ceremony will be Friday June 9th at 10am.

Mackenzie Armstrong
VP Senate, Trent Graduate Students’ Association


The Trent Graduate Students’ Association is looking for members to fill the following roles on the TGSA Board:

M.A. English (Public Texts)
M.Ed. Educational Studies
M.Sc. Materials Science
Ph.D. Materials Science

Please click here for a full list of available TGSA committee representative positions.