Meet your 2015-2016 TGSA Board of Directors

You have voted and your election results are in! See below for the results of the referendum questions as well as to meet your new TGSA Board of Directors!


Question: Do you approve of the constitutional amendments as outlined below and as found in the current March 2015 Version of the By-Laws (available online)?


The March 2015 TGSA By-Laws  was updated to reflect changes passed by referendum vote following the October 2014 AGM, as well as for organizational improvements, clarity and formatting. For reference, the previous version of the By-Laws, last updated March 2014, can be found on our website.

Changes approved by referendum following the October 2014 AGM:

  1. Addition of ARTICLE 2B: Mission Statement

2.01B     To foster, support and contribute to the intellectual growth and cultural development of graduate students by advocating for their unique needs and concerns while building a sense of community amongst them and a positive relationship with the Trent family and the community at large.

  1. Addition of Senate Representative position to ARTICLE 9: Executive Officers and all other description of the position in BYLAW 5.

Changes requiring approval at the April 2015 AGM:

  1. Major changes include: none
  2. Additions and editing:
  • ARTICLE 6: General Assembly Meetings, specifically 6.01, 6.01.2 and 6.02.3.
  • BYLAW 6.08: Addition of duties for International Student Liaison.
  • BYLAW 8.03Addition of clauses for financial management of the TGSA:

8.03.1      TGSA shall not present a budgetary deficit at its AGM. However, it can incur a deficit to meet its basic objectives, mission, and/or long-term management, subject to funds available in reserves.

8.03.2      The TGSA shall maintain enough capital reserve funds to protect the financial viability of its corporation for a minimum of one fiscal year, in the event that membership fees are inadequate for basic administrative functions.

MOTION CARRIES (In favour: 69%; Against: 5%; Abstain: 25%): The TGSA Bylaws shall now be updated to reflect the constitutional amendments as outlined above.

Referendum Question 2: Sadleir House Levy

Question: Do you approve an opt-outable levy of $5 per year per graduate student in support of the Peter Robinson Community and Student Association (a.k.a. Sadleir House)?


The PR Community and Student Association (a.k.a. Sadleir House) would like to ask grad students for a small, $5 levy. As Trent students, all grad students have access to Sadleir House and its services. This levy will show grad students’ support of the student and community facility and also hopefully encourage them to use the space a bit more.

Detailed information regarding this student owned facility can be found here:

MOTION CARRIES (In favour: 65%; Against: 30%; Abstain: 5%): A $5 opt-outable Saddlier House levy fee will now be applied to graduate student accounts effective September 2016.


PRESIDENT: Laura Thursby

I would like to nominate myself, Laura Thursby, for the position of TGSA President.  I am currently finishing the third year of my PhD in the Cultural Studies department where I, broadly speaking, study extraterrestrial conspiracy theories and the significance of aliens in United States popular culture. Since I no longer have course work of my own, I would like to become more actively involved in the administrative functions of the university. I have previous volunteer experience working as the social media coordinator for the Doors Open Oshawa heritage committee, a working group designed to build relationships between heritage sites and the public by offering free access to various cultural attractions in the Oshawa community. I am also interested in initiating a university-wide listserv to enable graduate students to communicate with each other and stay informed with the ongoing events at the university. I appreciate your consideration.

Position endorsed (In favour 85%; Against 3%; Abstain 12%). Official 2015-2016 TGSA President: Laura Thursby


Alison Fraser is a 1st year PhD student in Cultural Studies. She is running for the VP of Internal Affairs. Coming out of an MA at Queen’s University, she became involved in student politics with the goal of achieving a better voice for graduate students on campus. Alison represented the Art History department on the Society of Graduate and Professional Students and was the Equity Officer for the TA and TF union at Queen’s University. Through these positions, she learned how to communicate graduate student issues to the university administration, navigate by-laws, and operate in a formal student governance setting. Alison is the current TGSA program representative for her program (Cultural Studies, Ph.D.).

Position endorsed (In favour 79%; Against 5%; Abstain 15%). Official 2015-2016 TGSA Vice President Internal Affairs: Alison Fraser


I am David Hollands, a Ph.D. candidate and tutorial assistant in the Cultural Studies department, and I nominate myself for the position of VP of Operations. I hold a BA from York University in Film Studies, and an MA in Cinema Studies from the University of Toronto. My current work explores the transformations of Hollywood classical narration–basically, the common style and structure of Hollywood films, past and present–in the age of New Media and convergence culture. I am also a part-time filmmaker, and have just recently finished co-directing, shooting, lighting, and editing a feature-length Canadian independent film. In the past, I have shot, directed, and edited two videos for the Government of Canada, one for Ottawa’s Jamaican Community Association, and edited a music video called “The More Love You Give” for the Aboriginal Women’s Support Center in Ottawa. I have considerable experience dealing appropriately with a number of different tasks in mid- to high-stress situations. I am always willing to learn and experience new aspects of my current work environments, which is why I have nominated myself for this position. I feel I can apply my organizational experiences as a film director and educator to this position very effectively. I thank you kindly for your consideration.

Position endorsed (In favour 86%; Against 2%; Abstain 12%). Official 2015-2016 TGSA Vice President Operations: David Hollands


I am in the first year of my studies in the AMOD program in the Economics discipline, and am an aspiring finance professional who is registered to write the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level I exam this June. The current VP of Finance, Bex Williams, is a friend and colleague of mine who has spent time recently showing me the administrative side of the position, as well as discussing some of the responsibilities and duties. As the current program representative for the AMOD program at the TGSA, I have witnessed first hand what the role of VP Finance entails during the TGSA board meetings. I am confident that I possess the financial aptitude and care to manage the TGSA’s funds. Thank you for your consideration.

Position endorsed (In favour 87%; Against 1%; Abstain 12%). Official 2015-2016 TGSA Vice President Finance: David Bak


My name is Lauren Hendricks, although I prefer “Renee.”  I’m an archaeology graduate student with a focus in Maya iconography and gender studies, in addition my other interests lie in Andean civilizations and military history.  I am proud to be a part of the Trent student body, and would like to communicate that thankfulness through service to my university.  Therefore, I hope that my candidacy as VP- Student Affairs will result in a productive and interesting experience for students of all fields and backgrounds.  I would like to continue the tradition of networking and support between intellectual communities and with the city of Peterborough itself, and would also like to commit to providing accessible events that all graduate students and their friends/family can enjoy.  I accept this nomination, and hope to serve the TGSA as Vice President of Student Affairs.

Position endorsed (In favour 87%; Against 1%; Abstain 12%). Official 2015-2016 TGSA Vice President Student Affairs: Renee Hendricks


My name is Avinaash Persaud and I am interested in holding the TGSA Vice Senator Position for the 2015-2016 office term. I am an international student from Guyana, and a first year MSc student in the ENLS program.

Student governance is new to me, but I am excited and passionate about changing that this year; I will be coming to this position with much enthusiasm and strong work ethics. I consider myself a solution driven and objective individual, and it will be my pleasure to continue to fulfill the mandate of the office of 2015-2016 TGSA Senator.

Position endorsed (In favour 86%; Against 2%; Abstain 12%). Official 2015-2016 TGSA Vice President Senator: Avinaash Persaud


Theresa is presently the First Year representative on the TGSA Board of Directors, a position within which she has already shown enthusiasm and commitment to the organization. Theresa is ready and willing to take on the increased responsibility within the TGSA as the Environmental Commissioner – a post close to her own research and her heart. As the 2015-2016 Environmental Commissioner, Theresa would add valuable institutional memory to the TGSA Board of Directors.

Position endorsed (In favour 87%; Against 2%; Abstain 11%). Official 2015-2016 TGSA Environmental Commissioner: Theresa Treasure

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT REP.: Bafumiki Ross Mocheregwa

Bafumiki Ross Mocheregwa is a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Trent University History Department. He graduated from the University of Botswana with a combined Bachelor’s Degree in History and English Language in April 2012. He also holds a competitive Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) from the same university for which he graduated in April 2013. He has worked as a teacher of both English Language, Literature and History at one of the local private schools in Gaborone, Livingstone Kolobeng College from April 2013 to August 2014. He then relocated to Peterborough, Ontario, Canada where he currently pursues his History MA. His area of interest is the History of Colonialism, Histories of Migration and Peopling, Histories of Development and Economic Structures as well as Conflict Resolution. His current work is on the role of the Southern African railroads in dairy production, trade and economic development.

Position endorsed (In favour 78%; Against 11%; Abstain 11%). Official 2015-2016 TGSA International Student Representative: Ross Mocheregwa


I would like to nominate myself, Carolyn Reid, for the position of TGSA Equity Commissioner.  I am a first year PhD candidate in the Environmental and Life Sciences Program, a tutorial assistant and I assist with exam invigilation for the Trent Centre for Academic Testing.  I also volunteer at Community Living Campbellford/Brighton (for persons with intellectual disabilities) and take care of a physically disabled family member in our home.  In addition, I was endorsed by Trent University as a Vanier candidate this year.

I am enthusiastic about becoming more involved in the TGSA and feel I am well suited to this position in particular.  I appreciate your consideration.

Position endorsed (In favour 86%; Against 1%; Abstain 13%). Official 2015-2016 TGSA Equity Commissioner: Carolyn Reid


My name is Cory Baldwin and I would like to nominate myself for the position of History Department Representative. I am currently in the program and I believe I can act as a link between the TGSA and members of the program for a stronger communication.

Position endorsed. Official 2015-2016 TGSA History (M.A.) Program Representative: Cory Baldwin

PROGRAM REP. (ENLS M.Sc.): Vishol Kishun

My name is Vishol Kishun and I am a first year master’s student in the ENLS program. It would be a privilege to serve as student representative for this program. It is my aim to continue and build upon the good work done by my predecessors. I hope to work assiduously with the GSA team so that we can collectively address issues affecting graduate students.

Position endorsed. Official 2015-2016 TGSA ENLS(MSc.) Program Representative: Vishol Kishun

PROGRAM REP. (ENLS Ph.D.): Mary-Claire Buell

I am a first year PhD student here at Trent and have just completed my MSc at Trent as well. I have been the science chair for the Trent Northern Studies Colloquium for the past 3 years but would like to experience a new leadership position and participate in a role that reaches out beyond the Northern Research community. With this in mind, I would like to represent the ENLS PhD program on the TGSA Board of Directors.

Position endorsed. Official 2015-2016 TGSA ENLS(Ph.D.) Program Representative: Mary-Claire Buell

PROGRAM REP. (Anthropology M.A): Natalie Baron

My name is Natalie Baron and I am a first year anthropology Masters student. My research is looking at the leadership of kings in state level societies in Southeast Asia. I would love to represent the program because of my long history with the department and wanting to get involved with our student government. I did my undergraduate at Trent with a double major in History and Anthropology. I would also love the chance to be a part of a student government that provides the graduate students with so many opportunities.

Position endorsed. Official 2015-2016 TGSA Anthropology (M.A.) Program Representative: Natalie Baron

PROGRAM REP. (Sustainable Studies M.A.): Jessica Correa

I would like to apply for the Masters of Arts in Sustainability Studies representative for the 2015/2016 academic year. I believe I am a suitable candidate for this position because I have been a student at Trent University for 5 years and I am familiar with how the school operates. As part of a local running club and public speaking group, I have also been heavily involved in the Peterborough community. I enjoy working in team and group environments and I can effectively work with different types of people. I have excellent interpersonal skills and would be delighted to exercise them with the graduate student association at Trent. My first year as a Masters of Arts in Sustainability Studies student has also allowed me to work with a group of dedicated students who are actively thinking about novel ways to drive the economy while keeping the environment in mind.
About me: Eternal optimist, runner, yogi, environmentalist, self-motivater, self-developer, over-thinker, time valuer, bubbly extrovert and garbage hater

Position endorsed. Official 2015-2016 TGSA Sustainable Studies (M.A.) Program Representative: Jessica Correa

PROGRAM REP. (Theory, Culture and Politics M.A.): Dorothea Hines

Dorothea Hines is a first year M.A student in Theory, Culture and Politics. During her B.A at the University of Toronto, she became involved in many leadership positions where is realized the importance of community. She aims to strengthen community between TCP and the TGSA.

Position endorsed. Official 2015-2016 TGSA TCP (M.A.) Program Representative: Dorothea Hines

PROGRAM REP. (Materials Science, MSc/Ph.D.): Amany Raslan

Amany Raslan is a first year PhD student in Materials Science, working under the supervision of Dr. Bill Atkinson. Amany recently completed her MSc at Trent, also in Materials Science. Her familiarity with the program and its students, which also comprises of a significant proportion of international students, will make Amany an ideal candidate for this position as she continues to strengthen existing liaisons between the TGSA and the students of the Materials Science program.

Position endorsed. Official 2015-2016 TGSA Materials Science (MSc.,Ph.D.) Program Representative: Amany Raslan