Referendum & Election Results

The results of the TGSA referendum question and election poll are in! Over the course of the week long voting period, we received 136 total responses. This corresponds to just under 30% of the graduate student body. Thank you all for taking the time to vote.

The results of the voting have been tallied below for your information. The first three referendum questions were all voted through with a majority of votes in favour, while the final question received an overall majority vote against supporting the Trent Student Centre with an additional levy fee.

1. Our current health insurance broker, Morneau Shepell, has proposed to maintain our coverage through the following academic year at a price of $500 per student per year. Student VIP has proposed a rate of $450 per student per year for improved coverage. If you vote no, the TGSA will remain with Morneau Shepell as our broker. If you vote yes, we will change to Student VIP. Do you support a change to Student VIP for September 2014? Yes – Carried

2. Do you support the creation of an additional graduate student levy fee at the value of $5.35 (matching the undergraduate contribution) to support the Kawartha World Issues Centre? Yes – Carried

3. Do you endorse the Trent Graduate Student Association bylaw amendments as listed in the March 19 Bylaw document on the TGSA website? Yes – Carried

4. Do you endorse the creation of an additional graduate student levy fee in the amount of $95.01 (matching the undergraduate contribution) in support of the development of a student run centre in which graduate students would be guaranteed, at minimum, floor space proportional to investment, and for which a written agreement with the university administration and the TCSA would ensure this space would be solely controlled by the TGSA on behalf of our members? No – Not Carried

The outcome of the elections have been calculated and the elected representatives are tabulated below for your information as well.

2014-2015 TGSA Executive

President Rathika Balthasar
VP Internal Affairs Tayo Aloh
VP Finance Bex Williams
VP Operations Latchmi Raghuhanan
VP Student Affairs currently vacant

 2014-2015 Directors

Senator Gary Larsen
Environmental Commissioner Lauren Banks
Equity Commissioner Ashley Neale
History (M.A.) Alexander McPherson
Psychology (M.A./M.Sc.) Greg Tracey
Sustainability Studies (M.A.) Kristen Potter
Theory, Culture and Politics (M.A.) Paul Ciuk


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Bylaw Amendment

With the upcoming Spring AGM, the TGSA is going to be proposing minor changes to the bylaws. Since ratification in the April 2013 AGM, we have identified several areas where minor changes would be beneficial to help smooth operations, correct consistency, and correct terminology. These changes have been incorporated into an edited bylaw document and will be discussed at the upcoming AGM on April 9th. At this point, we would like to give the general membership (you!) the opportunity to take a look at the latest bylaw draft and send any suggestions you think may be beneficial to potentially incorporate into the bylaws.

Please follow the link to view the bylaw draft:


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March Meet & Greet

All is invited to our “Meet and Greet” evening on Friday, March 14th at the Trend. The TGSA executive and board members would love to meet you, especially if you are considering running for an executive or board position. But, even if you don’t consider running, come out anyway for delicious appetizers & refreshments from Be Catering, and have a good time!

When: Friday, March 14, 3:00 to 6:00 pm
Where: The Trend (Traill Campus)

TGSA - 03 March 2014 Meet & Greet Poster

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TGSA Nomination Period is Opening Soon!

The TGSA is looking for new leadership! With the end of the 2014 winter semester and the spring AGM fast approaching, we will once again be opening up the executive positions for new applicants. This is a great opportunity to get involved with student governance, represent graduate students within university affairs, plan graduate student social outings and gain valuable experience to enhance your CV/resume.

The nomination period opens Wednesday, March 19th and extends until Wednesday, March 26th. Nominate yourself or your peers by emailing with a brief statement outlining your name, your program, and why you think your nominee would be a good candidate for the position. Please include the phrase “TGSA Nomination” somewhere in the subject heading of your email.

 For a list of all TGSA positions, please see our website:

A description of duties and responsibilities can be found within our bylaws (

You can also hear many interesting stories and position responsibility details from the current executive in person at our “Meet and Greet” event on Friday March 14th (more information to come).

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Planting Party

Go Green This Valentine’s Day!

You are invited to a PLANTING PARTY hosted by Trent Graduate Students’ Association and sponsored by Environmental Life and Sciences Graduate Program!!

Come and plant a seed on Monday, February 10, 2014 from 4:30 to 6:30 pm in Gzowski College Room 108.

To promote awareness for environmental sustainability, we are raising money towards GrrenUp.

Snacks will be be served after the event!

TGSA - 02 February 2014 Planting Party Poster


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