TGSA Conference and Group Support Bursaries are meant to provide funding for students, student organizations, Trent faculty, and community groups organizing conferences, professional activities, and group activities. Groups asking for funding must contain Trent graduate students. This funding may be used to cover fees that are not fully covered by other sources, such as grants.

               Submission Deadlines                                    For conferences attended between:
May 15                                                                                  Jan 1 – Apr 30
September 15                                                                   May 1 – Aug 31
January 15                                                                         Sept 1 – Dec 31

Submit applications to VP Finance, TGSA Office, Wallis Hall 223, Traill College. If the office is closed, you may slide your application under the door. Please note that we also have a mailbox in the Graduate Studies Office (SC 201).

For more information, please contact the VP Finance.

Click here for the application form.