TGSA Committee Representation


For information on committee representation or applying for vacant committee positions, please contact Graeme Bishop, your VP Senate, at

Unless otherwise indicated, the number of representatives required for each position is one (1).

**Please note that, as of now, this list is out of date. We are working to update the information on this page as soon as possible.**

TGSA Committees

[TGSA committees can all have more than one representative selected from the TGSA Executive and Board of Directors.]

Long Term Planning Committee: Alison Fraser, Matthew Legrand, Miteb Abunayyan
Constitutional Changes Committee: Alejandro Garcilazo, Melinda-Lee Baker, Michelle Arentsen, Ibraheem Alimi, Alison Fraser
Finance Committee: Brittany Cook, Meagan McLaren, Miteb Abunayyan, Alison Fraser
Social Justice Committee: Jessica Hinton, Aminah Hardy, Alejandro Garcilazo, Devon Harding
Sustainability Committee: Lisa Tejpar, Matthew Legrand, Catrina Marchant
Health Benefits Committee: Kevin Scotland, Aminah Hardy, Ibraheem Alimi

CASSC Representatives

Colleges and Student Services Committee: N/A
Athletics Advisory Committee: Alison Fraser
Colleges Committee: N/A
Housing Committee: Miteb Abunayyan
Graduate Housing (Housing Subcommittee): Miteb Abunayyan

Housing Advisory Committee (Housing Subcommittee): Miteb Abunayyan
Food Services Advisory Committee: Ibraheem Alimi
Student Wellness Committee: Miteb Abunayyan
Convocation Committee: Miteb Abunayyan
Campus Card Committee: Not Active For 2017-2018
Student Transitions and Careers Committee: VACANT
Student Charter of Rights and Responsibilities Committee: N/A

Co-Curricular Record Committee: Lee Campbell
Fair Trade Campus Steering Committee: Lisa Tejpar
Spiritual Affairs Committee: Jessica Hinton

Orientation Committee: Miteb Abunayyan

Senate Representatives

For more information on Senate committees and subcommittees, please visit the Trent University Senate page.

Senate Executive Committee: Graeme Bishop
Academic Planning and Budget Committee (AP&B): Brittany Cook
Graduate Studies Committee [2 representatives]: Graeme Bishop
Curriculum and Regulations Subcommittee: Graeme Bishop
Cyclical Program Review Committee: VACANT
Research Policy Committee (RPC): 
SSHRC Research Grants Subcommittee: Gabriel Maracle
Natural Sciences Research Grants Subcommittee: Kevin Scotland
CIHR Grants Subcommittee: Alena Kalinina
Distinguished Research Awards Subcommittee: Lisa Tejpar
Research Ethics Board (REB): Erika Crowley
Special Appeals Committee: Jessica Hinton
Teaching and Learning Support Committee (T&L): Dorothea Hines
Library Advisory Subcommittee: VACANT
Teaching Awards Subcommittee: Michelle Arentsen
Technology for Teaching and Learning Subcommittee: Ibraheem Alimi

TCSA Representatives

For more information on the TCSA, please visit

Board of Directors Committee: Alison Fraser
Standing Committee on Transportation: N/A

Trent Benefit Plan Committee: Kevin Scotland

Other Committee Representatives

Presidents’ Meeting: Alison Fraser
Emergency Planning Committee: Alison Fraser
Board of Governors of Trent University: Alison Fraser
Science Safety Advisory Committee: Melinda-Lee Baker
Library Space Planning Committee: VACANT
Trent Sustainable Agriculture Experimental Farm Committee: Lisa Tejpar
Entrepreneurship Centre User Group: Miteb Abunayyan
Otonabee College Advisory Council: VACANT
IT Steering Committee (ITSC): Alison Fraser
Vision 2020 Development Working Group IT Committee: N/A
Nature Areas Stewardship Advisory Committee: Lisa Tejpar
Facilities and Grounds Advisory Committee: Katie Rosa
Animal Care Committee: Simon Tapper
Environmental Advisory Board (EAB): Lisa Tejpar
Honorific and Wayfinding Campus Names: Alison Fraser
Presidential Advisory Council on
Human Rights, Equity, and Accessibility (PACHREA): Jessica Hinton, Devon Harding

Space Utilization and Construction Management: VACANT
Heritage Committee: Alison Fraser
Sustainable Trent Committee: Lisa Tejpar
Sexual Violence Steering Committee: VACANT
Retention Committee: VACANT