The collective body of Executive Officers democratically elected at Spring General Assembly meetings by all Trent University Graduate students, a.k.a. the Voting Body, to act on behalf of Trent Graduate students in conducting the business of the TGSA.

Name: Malinda Gray, Ph.D. Candidate in Indigenous Studies
Position: President


About Malinda:

Malinda is going into her second year as a PhD student for Indigenous Studies PhD here at Trent. Her academic degrees are an associate in Business Administrations from Wesley College; a B.A. in Anthropology, with minors in French and Political Science, and an M.A. in Anthropology, both from the University of Toronto. She received the 2018 Award for Excellence in Teaching Assistance.

She has had previous work experience in advertising and as an outreach coordinator for the Family Care Office at U of T. Malinda is married to fellow Trent undergrad student and they have three sons, 9, 12, and 14.

Malinda understands how difficult it can be for graduate students to juggle their family, personal, and academic responsibilities. As president, she will strive to have the TGSA be an association that graduate students can depend on for guidance and to bring the graduate community together.

Name: Gabriel Maracle, Ph.D. Candidate in Indigenous Studies
Position: Vice President, Internal Affairs


About Gabriel:

Gabriel holds an M.A. in Religion and Public Life from Carleton University and an M.A. in Canadian and Indigenous Studies here at Trent and will be a second-year PhD student in the Indigenous Studies Program come September. His work has focused on the experience and the effects the Sixties Scoop has on Indigenous communities.

As the VP of Internal Affairs, Gabe is interested in making sure that the TGSA is an effective organization that represents graduate students.

Name: Marisol Campos Navarette, Ph.D. Candidate in Indigenous Studies
Position: Vice President, Finance


About Marisol:

Marisol received her masters in Sustainable Studies here at Trent University and is entering her second year as an Indigenous Studies PhD student this Fall. Her bachelor’s degree is in Engineering with a specialization in Sustainable Development Strategic Planning.

She has had 12 years of experience working as a professional consultant in Latin America, Europe, U.S. and Canada, for both NGOs and government organizations related to social justice, peace building, Human Rights, democracy, and sustainable development. She also is an International student raising two sons, here in Peterborough.

As the VP of Finance, Marisol understands the importance that bursaries represent for graduate students on a tight budget. She hopes to help provide financial balance and new opportunities for the TGSA

Name: Demi Mathias, M.A., Canadian and Indigenous Studies
Position: Vice President, Communications


About Demi:

Aaniin! My name is Demi Mathias. I am a Anishnabai Kwe from Temagami First Nation. I did my undergraduate degree at the University of Ottawa in Indigenous Studies with a minor in Political science. I am entering the second year of my Masters in Canadian and Indigenous Studies and my research centres around the resurgence of Birch Bark canoe building practises. 

When considering my professional and volunteer experience, the position of VP Communications is definitely a learning experience for me. However, as I am eager to learn and understand new databases, websites and this position, I could not be more excited! This position keeps me on my toes, and has me using a variety of different program’s such as WordPress, doodle polls, and organizing and updating documents through Gmail and Google Drive. From this experience I hope to continue the communication with all graduate students and other associations within Trent University.

Name: Jason G. Fenno, Ph.D. Candidate in Indigenous Studies
Position: Senator


About Jason:

Jason attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks and earned a B.A. in Justice and a minor in Political Science. He received his masters in Police Studies from the University of Regina. Jason is entering his second year as a PhD student in the department of Indigenous Studies.

Jason continues to write and submit papers for publications that focus on northern justice issues in Alaska and Northern Canada.

As Senator, Jason is excited about the opportunity to advocate for the TGSA and making sure graduate voices are always represented.

Name: Taylor Dobbs
Position: Vice President Student Affairs 


About Taylor: