The collective body of Executive Officers democratically elected at Spring General Assembly meetings by all Trent University Graduate students, a.k.a. the Voting Body, to act on behalf of Trent Graduate students in conducting the business of the TGSA.

alexandraName: Alexandra Ha, Master’s Candidate in Psychology
Position: President
E-mail: presidenttgsa@trentu.ca

About Alexandra:
Alexandra studies Emotional Intelligence (EI): the perception, understanding, utilization, and management of emotions in self and others. After completing her MSc degree, Alexandra plans to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Business Management, specializing in Organizational Behaviour. Through research, collaboration and dissemination of knowledge, Alexandra aims to understand and improve organizational effectiveness in a variety of different environments, industries, and across multiple levels of analyses. She spends (and enjoys spending) the majority of her time conducting research, being an important voice for grad students, ensuring that grad students’ needs are met, and advocating for social justice.

alisonName: Alison Fraser, Ph.D. Candidate in Cultural Studies
Position: Vice President, Internal Affairs
E-mail: vpinternalaffairstgsa@trentu.ca

About Alison:
Coming out of an MA at Queen’s University, Alison became involved in student politics with the goal of achieving a better voice for graduate students on campus. She represented the Art History department on the Society of Graduate and Professional Students and was the Equity Officer for PSAC 901, the TA and TF union at Queen’s University. Through these positions, she learned how to communicate graduate student issues to the university administration, navigate by-laws, and operate in a formal student governance setting.

anastasiaName: Anastasia Nepotiuk, Master’s Candidate in Psychology
Position: Vice President, Finance
E-mail: vpfinancetgsa@trentu.ca

About Anastasia:
Anastasia is studying motor control and expertise using a vegetable-chopping task to see if performance changes with more practice. She has a strong background in math and science, and feels at home at Trent University after finishing her undergraduate degree there. Born and raised in Peterborough, Anastasia has deep roots in the city and feels a strong connection to Trent that translates into a desire to work to help make graduate students feel as supported as possible.

002 - CopyName: David Hollands, Ph.D. Candidate in Cultural Studies
Position: Vice President, Communications
E-mail: vpcommunicationstgsa@trentu.ca

About David:
In his research, David focuses on the concept of “attraction” in the cinema. He tracks the development of this concept, from its beginnings as both a theory of the cinema and its practical application in early films of the Soviet Union, to its current form as a crucial narrative component of Hollywood Blockbusters like the recent Marvel films. David also explores how the concept of cinematic “attraction,” and its practical application as a component of the Hollywood classical narrative, is currently changing as the boundaries between cinema and other media become more ambiguous in the digital era.

mackenzieName: Mackenzie Armstrong, Master’s Candidate in Anthology
Position: Senator
E-mail: vpsenatetgsa@trentu.ca

About Mackenzie:
As an M.A. Candidate in the Department of Anthropology, Mackenzie’s research focuses on Ontario archaeology, lithic source material analysis, and reducing subjectivity in established methods. More specifically, his research will result in the construction of a database of chipped stone tool rock types, known as chert, to improve artifact identification in the field, and to determine if an extensive and accessible resource can improve the accuracy of lithic analysis among less experienced archaeologists. As VP Senator, Mackenzie strives to make the graduate students’ voices heard in the University Senate, and to bring graduate concerns to the attention of the administration. Mackenzie’s previous experience in similar roles during his high school years, and as a representative for the Social Sciences on the McMaster Student Representative Assembly, has given him the patience and determination needed in this role.

swarsattieName: Swarsattie Kishun, Master’s Candidate in Psychology
Position: Vice President, Student Affairs
E-mail: vpstudentaffairstgsa@trentu.ca

About Swarsattie:
Swarsattie is currently completing the first year of her Master’s degree at Trent in Neuroscience Psychology. She feels that university should be about more than just writing tests and spending tireless hours doing research; it should be fun, memorable and, most of all, rewarding. Swarsattie commits to fostering the success of graduate students by providing the support needed to contribute to enriched learning, and by continuing to maintain the strong sense of community shared at Trent.