The collective body of Executive Officers democratically elected at Spring General Assembly meetings by all Trent University Graduate students, a.k.a. the Voting Body, to act on behalf of Trent Graduate students in conducting the business of the TGSA.

Name: Sandra Klemet-N’guessan
Position: President


About Sandra:

Sandra is going into her second year as a MSc student in the Environmental & Life Sciences program. She works in an aquatic ecology lab and her research focuses on the role that fish and invertebrates play in the cycling of nutrients in both streams and lakes. Sandra is a graduate from McGill University where she studied biology and natural history.

She has had experience in student advocacy through her positions as the VP Social at the McGill Biology Student Union and the international student commissioner at the TGSA last year.

As president, Sandra would like to continue the re-branding work that has been initiated by the previous administration. she would like to enhance the relationships and interactions between the Trent administration, undergraduate organizations, and graduate community. More importantly, she would like to make the TGSA a strong platform for graduate students to feel like they are part of something beyond the occasional emergency bursaries or conference funds: they are part of a large inclusive community that can be a source of academic, social, and mental support.

Name: Brandon Remmelgas
Position: Vice President, Finance


About Brandon:

Brandon is a Trent Alumn with a degree in Biology and is in the second year of his Master of Education. His focus is on the educational experience of queer students and what pedagogical design (ex. performance-based education) best helps them navigate their identity in our contemporary education system.

Throughout his Undergrad, Brandon spend 4 years on the Board of Directors of the Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) and served as President for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 Academic Years. During that time Brandon oversaw the incorporation of graduate students onto the campus-wide health and dental benefits plan and was also responsible for improvements to the Trent Express East and West bank routes (so if you have any questions, let him know!).

Brandon is excited to work with the TGSA team to bring a sense of financial stability to the TGSA and to ensure that the TGSA has the capacity to sustain a high level of service to Trent University graduate students.

Name: Sam Sonnega
Position: Vice President, Communications


About Sam:

Sam is a MSc student in Environment and Life Sciences studying the behavior and physiology of the snowshoe hare (yes bunnies) in the Yukon Terrirtoy.  He works to make science understandable for the public.  Sam is a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University where he studied biology.

Sam worked with the Trent Northern Studies Colloquium organizing committee in 2019, helping to orchestrate the event and to promote it, garnering a wider audience.  He hopes to similarly increase the public visibility of the TGSA, so that graduate students can know the support structures available to them.

Name: Sarah Rayner
Position: Vice President Student Affairs 


About Sarah: 

Sarah is currently in their second year as a master’s student in Cultural Studies. Their research focuses on counterculture and alternative media. Sarahhas a diploma in Community Work from George Brown College and a bachelor’s degree in Human Rights & Equity Studies from York University. They have been employed in multiple positions that has provided them the opportunity to facilitate anti-oppression workshops and develop events and campaigns around issues pertaining to equity and anti-oppression, including events and campaigns relating to battling colonialism, anti-black racism, ableism, and homophobia/transphobia on college and university campuses.

Sarah sat on the TGSA Board as Equity Commissioner during the 2018-19 year and is happy to return as VP Student Affairs to continue in helping to create a positive student experience for graduate students.