Program Representatives

Program Representatives shall be elected by the members of their programs in departmental elections run by departmental societies or with help from the VP Senate. Only Trent University Graduate students of individual departments may vote for their department representatives.


Name: Alexandra Kuhne
Program: M.Sc. Environmental and Life Sciences

About Alex:

Alex completed her undergrad at Trent with a joint honours major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with an Emphasis in Health Sciences. She completed an undergraduate thesis project with focus on histology and immunohistochemistry in a wild type mouse P. leucopus. She is currently pursuing a post secondary Master’s Degree with the Emery lab. Her new focus is in the environmental sciences specifically working on the growth optimization of a microalgae species for industrial use with collaboration from an industry partner.

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Applied Modeling and Quantitative Methods

Canadian and Indigenous Studies

Canadian Studies

Cultural Studies

Educational Studies

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Sustainability Studies

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Forensic Science

Send your nominations to if you are interested in becoming a program representative.


Commissioners are elected by all Trent University Graduate students, a.k.a. the Voting Body, at Spring General Assembly meetings.

i. Equity Commissioner

Name: *VACANT*


ii. Environmental Commissioner

Name: *VACANT*


iii. Health Benefits Commissioner

Name: *VACANT*


iv. External Affair Commissioner

Name: Catherine Davis, Ph.D. Candidate in Indigenous Studies


About Catherine:

Catherine received her Master of Education from Queen’s University where she won the Thesis Award. Currently she is entering her second year as a PhD Indigenous Studies student next Fall.

Her experience includes being a teacher for 20 years and interacting with government agencies, educational school boards and committees. Catherine has two grown children, one who will graduate from Trent this year.

As External Affairs Commissioner, Catherine has experience developing educational programs and facilitating partnerships with external organizations and is enthusiastic about promoting the TGSA.

V. International Student Representative Commissioner

The International Student Representative Commissioner shall be elected at Spring General Assembly meetings. Only Trent University Graduate International Students may vote for the International Student Representative Commissioner.

Name: *VACANT*


CUPE 3908 Representative

A Trent University Graduate student designate from CUPE Local 3908 Unit 2 who has a seat on the TGSA Board.

Name: Hannah McFarlane, Master’s Candidate in Education