Program Representatives

Program Representatives shall be elected by the members of their programs in departmental elections run by departmental societies or with help from the VP Senate. Only Trent University Graduate students of individual departments may vote for their department representatives.


Name: Dorothea Hines
Program: Ph.D. Cultural Studies

About Dorothea:
Dorothea Hines holds a B.A. from the University of Toronto, where she specialized in fine art, art history, and performance art. Combining theory and practice, she completed an M.A. in Theory, Culture and Politics at Trent with an emphasis on performative writing, live performance, and documentation. She is currently continuing her research (and practice)  in Trent’s Cultural Studies Ph.D. program. For the past year she has been highly engaged in the CUST community, sitting on the Program Committee representing first year students, as well as participating in the Director Search subcommittee. She looks forward to bringing her energy and commitment to the role of Cultural Studies Program Rep.

Name: Gabriel Maracle
Program: Ph.D. Indigenous Studies
About Gabriel: I hold an M.A. in Religion and Public Life from Carleton University, and am in the process of completing the M.A. in Canadian and Indigenous Studies here at Trent. I will be a first-year PhD student in the Indigenous Studies Program come September. My work has focused on the experience of Indigenous people in the city, the history of the Mohawk Warrior Society, and the effects the Sixties Scoop has on Indigenous communities. I am interested in promoting social justice on campus, and unpacking and understanding how political action, Indigenous rights, and self-governance intersect.

Name: Grishma Dahal
Program: M.Sc. Psychology
About Grishma: 
I have various experiences, including being on the executive board of World Vision, being the executive leader of the Nepalese Women’s forum and having worked alongside various diplomats and very diverse groups of people and personalities. I am a self-motivated hard working individual who has an outgoing personality. I work very well on my own but I also thrive as part of a team and I am able to collaborate very well with others. I am a strong speaker and I believe that I would be able to voice the opinions and concerns of my peers to the appropriate persons if I was given the platform to do so. Overall, I believe that the experiences that I have accumulated thus far have primed me for such a role and it would be an honor to represent my fellow classmates and peers.

Name: Lee Campbell
Program: M.A. Theory, Culture, and Politics
About Lee: 
Lee Campbell began his two-year M.A. in Theory, Culture and Politics in fall 2016. In addition to his studies, he has taken an active interest in the future of the TCP program and its place in the University. He has provided support to the program by designing posters for cultural events that reflect the values of the community. He has been a valued member of the TCP program, quickly establishing good working relationships with students and staff, and would be committed to representing their interests and contributing to the overall effectiveness of the TGSA. Lee also brings to the table three years professional experience working in student-focused university communications.

Name: Erika Crowley
Program: M.Sc. Environmental and Life Sciences
About Erika: My undergraduate honours degree was at Trent University for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, with Specialization in Health Science. I am in the Environmental and Life Sciences Program using nuclear magnetic resonance to determine the structure of cytochrome b5 in the parasite Giardia lamblia. I do have Trent club experience; I was the President of the Trent Pre-Medical Society for two years, the Tutor Coordinator for the Chemistry Society and a member of the Trent Pen Pal program, the Biology Society and the Biology Curriculum Committee.

Name: Catrina Marchant
Program: M.A. Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies 
About Catrina: Catrina Marchant is currently in her second and final year of the M.A. in Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies at Trent. In 2016, she graduated with an honours B.A. in Humanities with a focus in English and History from Providence University College in Manitoba. Catrina is currently researching and writing her thesis paper which centres on Bill C-31 of the Indian Act. As a status Cree with family originating from Peguis First Nation, Catrina is particularly interested in the voice of Indigenous women and the implications of Bill C-31 on future generations of Indigenous peoples. She has lived in various locations across both Canada and the U.S. (including Calgary, Hawai’i, Virginia, B.C., and California) and has spent the past number of years struggling to devise a swift answer to the question, “So, where is home for you?”.

Name: Talis Talving-Loza
Program: M.A. Anthropology

Name: Sarah Jessup
Program: Ph.D. Canadian Studies

Name: Michelle Arentsen
Program: M.A. History

Current Vacancies
M.A. Applied Modelling and Quantitative Methods
M.Sc. Applied Modelling and Quantitative Methods
M.Ed. Education Studies
M.A. English (Public Texts)
Ph.D. Environmental & Life Sciences
M.Sc. Materials Science
Ph.D. Materials Science
M.A. Sustainability Studies

First Year Science Student Representative Commissioner

Please contact your VP Senate at if you are interested in becoming a program representative.


Commissioners are elected by all Trent University Graduate students, a.k.a. the Voting Body, at Spring General Assembly meetings.

i. Equity Commissioner

Name: Jessica Hinton, Ph.D. Candidate in Indigenous Studies

About Jessica:
Jessica Hinton holds an honours B.A. in Archaeology and Indigenous studies from Trent University, and an M.A. in Anthropology from McMaster University. Her research explores anthropology’s (and all of its sub-disciplines’) failures to accurately represent Indigenous peoples, knowledges, and histories to the settler-colonial public. She seeks to centre Indigenous approaches to research, promote Indigenous self-determination / self-representation, dismantle colonial systems, and advocate for the decolonization of the academy. She is passionate about social, political, and environmental awareness / justice, and movements such as Idle No More, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women/Girls, #NoDAPL, and Black Lives Matter. Jessica is currently sitting on both the Indigenous Studies Ph.D. Council and the Indigenous Studies PhD Committee as the first year representative. She is Anishinaabe / French-Canadien, and lives for her husband’s Totonac / Mexica (Aztec) / Mexican cooking.

ii. Environmental Commissioner

Name: Lisa Tejpar, M.Sc. Candidate in Psychology


About Lisa:

As a Trent student, a member of the Peterborough community and a researcher, Lisa is passionate about caring for the natural environment and encouraging people to be as green as they can be. Lisa completed her BA in psychology at Bishop’s University and is currently a MSc candidate in psychology at Trent. For her thesis research, she is interested in examining whether being more mindfully appreciative of nature can have positive effects on our mental health. If you have any ideas for fun, sustainable events, or for how to make our Trent or Peterborough community more green, Lisa would be over-the-moon happy to hear them. Please don’t hesitate to send her an email!

iii. Health Benefits Commissioner

Name: Kevin Scotland, Ph.D. Candidate in Materials Science

About Kevin:
I am a Trent University Alumni, class of 2005. I obtained my Master’s of Chemistry from the University of Guelph in 2009. Upon my graduation from U of G, I worked in a small fabrication firm for two years; then worked as a contract professor at Durham College for 5 years. My duties and responsibilities in these two positions have developed my organizational, negotiation and management skills. It has given me the ability to understand and adapt to complex situations quickly and effectively and, most importantly, given me a passion for advocacy. On a personal note, I started life off at Trent as an international student and since then obtain my Permanent Residency. As such I understand the complexities of being both an international and domestic student. I believe that my experiences have gifted me a unique perspective; a perspective that would serve me well as your Health Benefits Coordinator.

iv. Ontario Graduate Students’ Alliance Commissioner

Name: Katie Rosa, Master’s Candidate in Sustainability Studies

About Katie:

Katie is in her second year of the MA in Sustainability Studies program, researching the role of Indigenous knowledge and values in wildlife management in ecosystems impacted by climate change. She holds a B.Sc. in Wildlife Biology from the University of Guelph and an Advanced Diploma in Ecosystem Management from Fleming College. Katie has always felt passionate about democratic governance and the importance of reliable lines of communication between the public and those holding power, and for this reason is proud to be Trent’s representative on the Ontario Graduate Students’ Alliance for the 2017-18 academic year. The OGSA is an important Ontario-wide body that advocates for all graduate students and lobbies our provincial and federal governments for solutions to the issues that we face. As your OGSA Commissioner, Katie strives to be a strong voice for Trent graduate students in Ontario, learn from representatives from other schools to suggest improvements to the Trent University experience, and most importantly, listen to what you as a Trent graduate student have to say.

Interest Group Representative Commissioners

i. First Year Arts Student Representative Commissioner

The First Year Arts Student Representative Commissioner shall be elected at Fall General Assembly meetings. Candidates for the First Year Arts Representative Commissioner position must be in their first year of Graduate Studies at Trent, either full-time or part-time, at the time of their appointment. Only first year Trent University Graduate students may vote for the First Year Arts Representative Commissioner.

Name: Amanda Seabolt

About Amanda:

My name is Amanda “Peyton” Seabolt. I am twenty-two years old, and I was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, USA. I am a first year History Masters student. I am studying horses in medieval France, around the time of Charlemagne (8th-9th centuries). I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree at Armstrong State University in Savannah, Georgia, in History. This is my first time living in Canada, or anywhere farther north than the Mason-Dixon Line.


ii. First Year Science Student Representative Commissioner

The First Year Science Student Representative Commissioner shall be elected at Fall General Assembly meetings. Candidates for the First Year Science Representative Commissioner position must be in their first year of Graduate Studies at Trent, either full-time or part-time, at the time of their appointment. Only first year Trent University Graduate students may vote for the First Year Science Representative Commissioner.



iii. International Student Representative Commissioner

The International Student Representative Commissioner shall be elected at Spring General Assembly meetings. Only Trent University Graduate International Students may vote for the International Student Representative Commissioner.

Name: Aminah Hardy

About Aminah:
My name is Aminah Hardy, and I am running for International Student Representative Commissioner to assist my fellow students in matters that are unique to our experience as international Trent students.  This would include ensuring that international students are properly represented in interactions with the Board; informing international students about opportunities available to them, such as scholarships and bursaries; and assisting students with accessing benefits available to them, such as UHIP and the supplemental benefit plans. Being a non-traditional student and a member of the workforce for many years has given me a unique perspective on interacting with people from first-year students to senior faculty, and I would enjoy bringing my years of experience to serve the students of Trent.  I chose Canada because of its commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and social justice, and would seek to establish those same principles in my work as Commissioner.

CUPE 3908 Representative

A Trent University Graduate student designate from CUPE Local 3908 Unit 2 who has a seat on the TGSA Board.

Name: Hannah McFarlane, Master’s Candidate in Education