Commissioners are elected by all Trent University Graduate students, a.k.a. the Voting Body, at Spring General Assembly meetings.

i. Equity Commissioner

Currently vacant.


ii. Environmental Commissioner

Name: Verena Sesin, Ph.D. Environment and Life Sciences



Verena Sesin is an international Ph.D. candidate in the Environmental and Life Sciences program at Trent University. Engaged in the Trent community, Verena co-organizes the annual Trent Graduate Students in Science Symposium and co-hosts the IIES-ENLS international graduate student online seminar series on environmental topics. As environmental commissioner, Verena’s goal is to make us graduate students, Trent and our whole community more aware of environmental challenges, educate everyone and motivate environmentally friendly behaviour. Verena’s plan is to communicate environmental topics in an accessible way to everyone. Her work will focus on solutions that can motivate everyone to act. One of her ideas is to regularly distribute newsletters explaining small actions everybody can do in their everyday life to be more in harmony with nature. She is also planning to highlight and support environmental events around campus and our community.

iii. Health Benefits Commissioner

Currently vacant.


iv. External Affair Commissioner

Currently vacant.


V. International Student Representative Commissioner

The International Student Representative Commissioner shall be elected at Spring General Assembly meetings. Only Trent University Graduate International Students may vote for the International Student Representative Commissioner.

Currently vacant. 


CUPE 3908 Representative

A Trent University Graduate student designate from CUPE Local 3908 Unit 2 who has a seat on the TGSA Board.

Name: Sandra Klemet-N’Guessan, MSc Candidate in Environment and Life Sciences.  


Program Representatives

Program Representatives shall be elected by the members of their programs in departmental elections run by departmental societies or with help from the VP Senate. Only Trent University Graduate students of individual departments may vote for their department representatives.


Current Vacancies


Applied Modeling and Quantitative Methods

Canadian and Indigenous Studies

Canadian Studies

Cultural Studies

Educational Studies

English (Public Texts)

Environment and Life Sciences


Indigenous Studies

Material Sciences


Sustainability Studies

Theory, Culture and Politics

Instrumental Chemical Analysis


Forensic Science

Send your nominations to if you are interested in becoming a program representative.